Use Ten Ways to Pray

Ten Ways to Pray is designed to be used as well as read. So it’s portable and printable.

Buy the print edition of Ten Ways to Pray at Amazon or ask your local book-store to order it for you.



Buy the electronic edition of Ten Ways to Pray at these and other sites:                                                                                   Amazon
Apple iBook
Barnes & Noble

Download an app for your iPhone, Droid, or other smartphone by searching on Ten Ways to Pray in your app store.

Print a chapter of Ten Ways to Pray to share with your group. PDFs of each section are located on the Practice page. (Click here for help opening or viewing a PDF).

You may distribute either three (3) chapters to one group or one (1) chapter in three different venues. After that please purchase one copy of the book for each person who will use the material.

Please see the Copyright for this and other usage. Thank you.