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Airplane to Israel

Thirty-five hundred years ago, Moses led the greatest Israel pilgrimage in history. Under God’s guidance, he recruited the Israelites, secured travel permits from the Egyptian government and funding from the Egyptian people, and then directed the tour of a (literal) lifetime. Today we call his trip to the Holy Land “the exodus.”

Today I leave on what may become my own “pilgrimage of a lifetime.” I have an itinerary, but like Moses, I may have expectations that don’t end up matching the actual experience. I probably won’t wander around the Sinai Peninsula for forty years, but you never know what my actions in cooperation with or defiance of God’s work will produce.

So after he received the Ten Commandments (the first time) and before they migrated into Canaan, Moses did the only sensible thing one can do to be “totally prepared.”

Read Exodus 33:12–23. What does Moses do (v. 13)? What does God promise (v. 14)?

Read John 14:15–17. What does Jesus promise?

As you anticipate your own journey, what truths are you expecting the Spirit of truth to reveal? What do you fear? What do you hope? What request would you like to make of the promised Counselor (some versions translate the word as Comforter, Paraclete, Advocate, or Helper)?