Lectio Divina: Practice Together

Lectio divina is devotional reading of Scripture, followed by meditative consideration of the personal impact of that Scripture, verbal response to the reading and meditation, and contemplative response through active or passive reception.

Consider practicing lectio divina as a small group. Designate one person to select the passage and facilitate the group’s study for 10–15 minutes. Once the group understands the passage, get comfortable, close your eyes, and listen as each person takes a turn reading it aloud. Pause for several minutes after each person reads and ponder silently what stood out to you in each one’s reading. When the meditation concludes, join one another in spoken prayer. Perhaps you will pray aloud spontaneously in short bursts, sometimes called “popcorn prayer.” Or perhaps you will pray the Lord’s Prayer in unison or the suffrages responsively (see Liturgical Prayer/Practice/1). Whatever your practice, do not rush, but allow yourselves to be led by the voices around you. Finally, take time to talk about what themes seemed to sound throughout the group, what “word” the group can take away, or what words to individuals have arisen during your group lectio.

Benedict’s Prayer with the Scriptures


Sample the Prayer


Study Further

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