Lectio Divina: Consider

Lectio divina is devotional reading of Scripture, followed by meditative consideration of the personal impact of that Scripture, verbal response to the reading and meditation, and contemplative response through active or passive reception.

1. Have you ever taken a spiritual retreat alone or with your community? What are the advantages of seeking God in a special time of seclusion away from regular life? What may be the benefits of a hermitage or a monastic setting for regular life instead of a short retreat? How would it help one’s prayer life to become complete, holy, and/or devoted? What may be the drawbacks?

2. Doodling and free-writing help focus attention during meditation. Why do you suppose these techniques aid in moving the knowledge you gain from reading into the arena of experience? How else do they change the nature of your meditation? What other tools might you use to aid in waiting on the Scripture?

3. How does the prayer step of lectio divina compare with your more spontaneous prayers? How might beginning with Scripture rather than starting with your particular circumstances change the nature of your prayers?

4. What are some advantages of lectio divina’s heavy structure? How do you feel about starting with understanding instead of imagination? Do you come away with a different perspective than you started with?

5. How do you think holy reading differs when practiced as a group rather than alone? What inhibits or assists the group in fostering intimacy and trust for this sort of practice? Was it easier for you to concentrate, to hear something during lectio divina with the group or alone? Often in holy-reading instructions for groups, the prayer step is omitted. Why might it be important to retain that step before sharing, even though praying aloud to God can be more challenging for some than sharing with other people?

Benedict’s Prayer with the Scriptures


Sample the Prayer

Practice Together

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One response to “Lectio Divina: Consider

  1. Thank God for my church who introduce me to lectio divina.very interesting christain discipline.i will like to know more the lectio divina advantages

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