Imagination Prayer: Consider

Imagination prayer is shared experience with Jesus that is based on stories of Jesus from the Gospels and that draws on our use of empathy and visualization.

1. Have you ever experienced a long, unavoidable season of pondering like Ignatius’ illness or his long journeys? What did you think about? Did you find the lack of diversion beneficial? Tedious? How so?

2. Fully knowing someone involves sharing experience with that person, not just knowing about him or her. What are the advantages to relational knowledge that you cannot get with mere information? What do you risk in knowing Jesus this way? What do you fear Jesus discovering in you?

3. What church traditions in our day emphasize experience and emotions? How is imagination prayer similar to these traditions? Different?

4. Describe the benefits of being tied to a particular passage of Scripture. What are the limits of imagination prayer?

5. Think about praying this prayer in a group. How would it help or hinder for a designated reader to repeat the passage every few minutes? How could members of a group help one another unpack the encounter and relate it back to the non-imagined aspects of their lives?

Ignatius’ Five Senses of the Imagination


Sample the Prayer

Practice Together

Study Further

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