Extemporaneous Prayer: Consider

Extemporaneous prayer is spontaneous and usually non-formulaic verbal praise, confession, thanksgiving, and/or petition that we offer to God in silence or out loud.

1. What are some of the challenges to praying spontaneously or without more planning than a simple list of needs and praises? What are some of the benefits?

 2. What do you like most about praying aloud in this fashion? What is most difficult?

3. Some traditions emphasize spontaneous prayers, while others employ tried and true liturgies. Some encourage members of the group to respond verbally to others’ prayers as they are being prayed. Others focus on an orderly approach to God. What sort of traditions are you accustomed to? How does the conversational prayer experience change your view of God or your individual relationship to him?

 4. If spontaneous prayer is new to you or someone you know, it may be difficult to speak naturally. What are some steps you could take to relieve the discomfort of talking with God in this conversational fashion?

Spener’s Insistence on Prayer, not Politics


Sample the Prayer

Practice Together

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