Body Prayer: Sample the Prayer

Body prayer is physical activity that promotes spiritual communion with God, sometimes accompanied by verbal communication, but often simply experienced as spending time doing something together with him.

If you only have five uninterrupted minutes to spend with God, take note of your posture. Are your arms crossed or open? Are your hands clenched together or relaxed? Are your shoulders tensed or at rest? Are your legs crossed or are your feet planted on the floor? What does your body language tell you (and God) about how you are feeling or what you are thinking at the moment? You have expressed this through your physical position; can you tell God about it with your words, too?

During another five-minute prayer time, simply change your posture. Kneel at your chair or bed instead of sitting. Prostrate yourself on the carpet instead of kneeling. Open your palms and lay them face-up on your lap instead of clasping them together. Look at a picture of Jesus instead of closing your eyes.

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