Body Prayer: Consider

Body prayer is physical activity that promotes spiritual communion with God, sometimes accompanied by verbal communication, but often simply experienced as spending time doing something together with him.

1. Jesus’ wholly divine and wholly human nature constitutes one of the most difficult paradoxes of the Christian faith. Believers and seekers alike struggle with it. How does your own fully spiritual and fully physical nature influence the way you understand Jesus? How do these paradoxes influence your relationship with God?

2. Recall a time when something you did or felt physically changed your mind, messed with your emotions, and/or affected your sense of connection with God or others. Considering the impact, what are ways that you already harness the power of your body to influence the state of your spirit? How might you apply these to your personal or corporate prayer life?

3. History has long connected the friendships (and frustrations) of the three Cappadocian church fathers with our three-in-one understanding of God, which grew out of their relationship. How do the interactions of your friends, family, or faith community reflect the interaction of the persons of the Trinity? How, for example, is physical prayer with your group or a friend different than doing this alone? Do you feel more self-conscious or find it easier to let go of your expectations when you are alone or when you are with a group?

4. If you have tried several types of sacred music or Scripture for this exercise, how do the various pieces flavor your listening? How does the location, lighting, or physical medium change your experience with God?

5. What other activities might lend themselves to body prayer? Which activities do you prefer? Why? Which seem inefficient, goofy, dangerous, or otherwise unappealing to you? What might be the advantages and disadvantages of trying one of those?

Gregory of Nyssa’s Physical Faith


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