What Others Are Saying about Ten Ways to Pray

Anne Shave, PhD (cand.), University of Otago, Midlife Spirituality in the Church in New Zealand, Christchurch, writes:

Dove Background

Ten Ways to Pray is being used and appreciated in New Zealand.  I love the accessibility and gentle encouragement of Harrell’s book, which has such breadth as well as depth.

Kristen Filipic, Equal Opportunity Specialist at Department of Housing and Urban Development, Boston, writes:

Dove BackgroundEpiscopalians loved this book. The original thought was to use it for those fill-in times when you finish one study but schedule-wise it doesn’t make sense to start the next for a couple weeks. But it turns out we *really* liked it (even gave the extemporaneous chapter the good college try) and wanted to keep on keeping on.  Finished up with Body Prayer the other week.

Carolyn L. Young, trained presenter of Centering Prayer and a member of the Minnesota Contemplative Outreach planning group writes:

Dove BackgroundDawn Duncan Harrell has written a wonderful, short little book that is extremely accessible. In the introduction her younger sister, who was going to teach a class on prayer, didn’t want to spend time talking about it. She just wanted the class to do it. Harrell has described each of ten ways in a manner that is clear and inviting with good practice exercises at the end of each chapter. All of these described ways to pray come from a long Christian tradition but have often been lost to modern ways. It is refreshing to find new ways to pray old lost traditions.

Amy Murgatroyd, Advanced Clinician Physical Therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital writes:

Dove BackgroundTen Ways to Pray is an enlightening and practical journey through church history exploring various models of prayer. Beyond describing each approach, Harrell artfully leads readers in experiencing them both individually and in a group setting. The questions at the end of each chapter encourage further interaction. I walked away equipped with approaches that have revitalized the prayer lives of faithful men and women through the ages. I’m grateful for this little guide book pointing me toward a closer communion with God.

Gordon Hugenberger, Senior Pastor of Park Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts writes:

Dove BackgroundTen Ways to Pray is clear, inspiring, and definitely helpful.

Elisabeth Schelp, Education Laboratory Coordinator at Greenwood Genetic Center writes:

Dove BackgroundI teach the senior citizen Sunday school class at my church. We are finishing up Ten Ways to Pray today. We loved it! Thank you for helping me and my class to learn to think of prayer as conversation.

Lorie Dewey, Pastoral Care at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan writes:

Dove BackgroundI read Harrell’s book this weekend and LOVED it. It will be a resource I use often. And her writing was delightful, so clear. She took big concepts and made them concise and manageable.

Tom Cooner, Primary Program Counsel at Thomas Allen Inc. writes:

Dove BackgroundA practical and useful look into the various disciplines of prayer. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Karen Allbright Jones, Pastoral Counselor at Prescott United Methodest Church in Arizona writes:

Dove BackgroundWe are coming up on our fifth week of study using Ten Ways to Pray. I have about twelve pilgrims meeting weekly to study about prayer and most powerfully, to pray! The Holy Spirit is palpably present in our sessions as these dear service-oriented Christians are praying in significant new ways. Lives are being changed.

Thomas Crumb, MDiv, MM, Pastor of the First Congregational Church of Pomfret in Pomfret Center, Connecticut writes:

Dove BackgroundHarrell’s Ten Ways to Pray is a masterful intersection of devotion and scholarship. Rich in inspiration, practical and adaptable for both individuals and small groups, there is something here for believers in any tradition or at any stage of their Christian pilgrimage. The ten models for prayer she has culled from church history and its two millennia of practice and tradition are beautifully woven together with short biographical sketches of the pioneers of the faith who are most closely associated with them. Harrell offers bountiful and insightful suggestions on how Christians in the twenty-first century will benefit and be blessed by incorporating facets of these prayers as part of their daily walk, as well as in longer seasons of prayer or retreat. Questions for contemplation, application and/or discussion with others, detailed study notes, and extensive bibliographies make this small volume an invaluable addition to any believer’s arsenal of devotional aids.

Kathleen Hagerty, CSJ, MA, MChSp (kathleen.hagerty@csjboston.org), Spiritual Director and Interfaith Chaplain at the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center in Boston, Massachusetts writes:

Dove BackgroundTen Ways to Pray celebrates the gift of prayer. Here readers are invited to explore their relationships with God and to learn to pray. It is a valuable resource for teachers, students, spiritual directors, and anyone desirous of deepening their spiritual life. This very readable and practical work provides a history of each type of prayer and the practice of the prayer for both individuals and groups. I highly recommend it.

Diana Curren Bennett, DMin, Director of Spiritual Leadership Communities and Consultant for Small Group Ministry for Leadership Transformations, Inc. and Director of Small Group Ministries at Christ Chapel in Centerville, Massachusetts writes:

Dove BackgroundDawn Duncan Harrell has captured the attention and interest of the reader by presenting several disciplines of prayer for all who yearn to go deeper in their relationships with Christ, to listen and hear his voice, and to respond to his leading. The use of story-telling, centered around ten faithful Christians, gives the reader an informative snapshot of why the particular method was practiced. Ten Ways to Pray is a powerful tool for personal use or within the small group venue. The reflection and personal questions are well-constructed and, without a doubt, create edifying dialogue. This work will certainly awaken the reader to a new level of experiencing the power of prayer!