Prayer Light: 4.13 St. Martin I

Again with the obscure saint who—turns out—said little or nothing about prayer. I could have chosen “superstition” for Friday the Thirteenth, but no. Pope Martin is celebrated in the Orthodox Church on April 13, so I picked Martin.

photo credit: was Pope (649–653) in Rome during that difficult period when the Emperor ruled from Constantinople. This particular emperor was irritated by the church infighting over a heresy called monothelitism, so he commanded silence in the matter of Jesus’ will. Pope Martin not only disobeyed, he called all bishops to a council that condemned the heresy in twenty official canons of the church. The Emperor arrested him and eventually exiled him to Crimea, where he died of illness and starvation. You can read more about him here.

Since St. Martin was so strong on getting the nature of Jesus’ will “right,” let’s follow suit. Send me your haikus and images about “knowing Jesus’ will.” What does praying “Thy will be done” (Matt 6:10) look like to you?

4.13 St. Martin I (Thy will be done)

4.13 St. Martin, Michael Lee

4.13 St. Martin, Peggy Brimer ~~ Several years ago, I was working with a young lady who was just getting serious about her walk with the Lord. I listened one night as she agonized over her high school schedule: she only had room for one elective, and she didn’t know if it was God’s will that she take an art class, or if He wanted her to choose a music class. What freedom for her as we discussed that the choice of an elective wasn’t nearly as important as the fact that, through her struggle, she was demonstrating her desire to please the Lord and follow His way in every area of her life. God was going to be glorified regardless of her choice because His ultimate will is that we seek Him.

4.13 St. Martin, June Steckler

4.13 St. Martin, June Steckler

4.13 St. Martin, Dawn Duncan Harrell

4.13 St. Martin, Dawn Duncan Harrell

4.13 St. Martin, Andrew Brimer

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